Welcome to Wolfsburg!

Are you from abroad and have recently moved to Wolfsburg or are considering moving to Wolfsburg? Then you are at exactly the right place. The site „Wobpatriates“ gives an overview of life in Wolfsburg and supports you during your arrival and settling in here in Germany. Here you will find important information about living, leisure, health, education, mobility and many other tips about everyday life.

Driving in ice and snow

artikelbild_v1_1You’re from Mexico or Argentina – from a beautiful hot country – and have come to work in Wolfsburg. Naturally you’d like to use your own car to travel not only from home to work, but also to explore your new surroundings. What you may not have bargained for is the cold Northern German winter which brings with it ice, snow and wind – perhaps a totally new driving experience.

Maybe you feel a little uncertain when your wheels start spinning, the windscreen wipers are running at top speed and you can hardly see what’s happening in the traffic around you… Don’t worry; you really can drive in these weather conditions. If you take it carefully, know a couple of few tricks and understand good driving practice you will. continue reading

IHK Partner Support Program

artikelbild_v1_3The Partner Support Programme, developed by Volkswagen in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Lüneburg-Wolfsburg (IHK), has fantastic support for all Wobpatriates. Their emphasis is on the following topics:  “working in Wolfsburg”, “what is the right way of applying for a job?” and “what are my chances of being involved in voluntary work?”.

The thinking behind this is that many WOBpatriateswhen they move to Wolfsburg are accompanied by their families and, although children are quick to make friends at school, partners are often lonely, bored or have language and communication problems. continue reading

Guided tours

artikelbild_v1_2If you think that a young city like Wolfsburg has no stories to tell you would be quite wrong. Because Wolfsburg offers history as well as cutting-edge modernity, culture and shopping, technology and nature – the list could go on and on. And the inimitable Wolfsburg guides have anecdotes as well as facts and figures to share. You will laugh, be amazed and surprised. continue reading