Living & Family

Finding a home

We hope that you will be very happy in Wolfsburg. But what is it that one needs to be happy? One of the most important things is finding an apartment or a house in which you feel at home. continue reading


Religion and faith is very important to many people and plays a big part in their lives. That is especially true if you have left home to live in a foreign country. Because no matter where we live in the world our belief system remains the same and supports us in our new environment. continue reading


Perhaps you are new to Wolfsburg and need to find the right schools for your children. Or it may be that you need some German instruction to give you a better working knowledge of the language. The following pages will help you find information and assistance regarding education, schools, kindergarten and much more. continue reading

Sport & leisure

You’ve worked hard all day and finally it’s finally time to relax. What now? A new country, a new city, new colleagues and neighbours… However it’s not difficult to make new friends in Wolfsburg if in your leisure time you like to do sport, enjoy culture, go to a restaurant or join a club. People in Wolfsburg are very friendly, have many interests and Wolfsburg offers an incredibly rich and diverse programme during leisure time and on weekends. continue reading

Regulations & laws

Germany is notorious for its many rules and regulations. Germans are called pedantic and rule-bound – as WOBpatriate you will soon be able to form your own opinion. continue reading


One of the biggest worries when living abroad for an extended period of time is your health. What do I do if I don’t feel well? Which doctor do I consult? Will he understand me, perhaps even speak my mother tongue? When do I need to go to hospital and how do I get there. continue reading