Looking for an apartment

If you are on the lookout for somewhere to live, there are several ways of acquiring information. Local daily newspapers, which you can pick up in the supermarket or newspaper kiosks, are full of advertisements. There is also a variety of Internet platforms. A range of offers from private vendors can be found on the Internet and in daily newspapers. More than any other source, newspapers use many abbreviations in advertisements: since these often have a different meaning than in other countries, it is worth spending time looking these up, for example here (English).

Furthermore, there are four estate agencies in Wolfsburg who can support you in your search for a home:
ALLERTAL Immobilien eG (no letting fee)
Rosenweg 8
38446 Wolfsburg
Telephone: +49 5361 / 8507-0
Telefax: +49 5361 / 52019
www.allertal.wolfsburg.de (German)

NEULAND Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH (no letting fee)
Erfurter Ring 15
38444 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49)53 61/791 0
Telefax: (+49)5361/791136
www.nld.de (English)

Sahle Baubetreuungsgesellschaft mbH (no letting fee)
Bismarckstraße 34
48268 Greven
Tel. +49 2571 81 0
Fax +49 2571 81 402
www.sahle-wohnen.de (English)

Volkswagen Immobilien (no letting fee)
Poststraße 28
38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49)5361/264 – 0
Telefax: (+49)5361/264 – 110

AM Immobilien
Zu dem Balken 7
38448 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49)5361/8484850
Mobile: (+49)151/16733858