The topic of religion and faith plays a vital role in many people’s lives, particularly if you leave home and move abroad. Go to a place where it is practised and you will find people belonging to your own religion. This helps you feel comfortable and safe, it helps you form friendships and to settle in your new home. We want to provide you with the most important information about religious practice in Germany.

Church tax

In Germany, the Catholic and Evangelical churches are partially financed by church taxes. When you register, you should indicate which religion you belong to and the church tax is then automatically deducted from your salary. To find out exactly how much church tax you are subject to, inquire directly at the registration office: different Federal States charge different tax rates.

List of various churches for individual denominations

Here you will find links to Evangelical and Catholic churches, Jewish synagogues and Islamic mosques located in the areas of Wolfsburg, Braunschweig and Gifhorn.
You can find parish addresses on the corresponding websites, as well as dates for German and foreign language services and masses.

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