The German school system is in the hands of the Federal States, which is why there are differences between the individual states. In Lower Saxony, all children attend primary school until 4th grade (around 10 years old). A recommendation is made to the 4th graders as to which type of school they should attend in the next step of their education. ‘Hauptschulen’ and ‘Realschulen’ are the best choice if your child hopes to do an apprenticeship after school. The ‘Gymnasium’ is mostly completed with the higher education entrance qualification necessary for university study. There are also ‘Gesamtschulen’ which offer mixed-level classes. Depending on the child’s performance, it is possible to move from the ‘Hauptschule’ to the ‘Realschule’, or from the ‘Realschule’ to the ‘Gymnasium’. Pupils attend ‘Hauptschulen’ until 9th grade, ‘Realschulen’ until 10th grade and the ‘Gymnasium’ until 12th or 13th grade.

Each school in Wolfsburg has a different profile, which determines the content of teaching, such as language or science-oriented profiles. In order to find the best school for your child, get in touch with the city department for schools. Here, you will be able to find the school which best accommodates your child’s strengths and desires.


If your child has difficulties in individual subjects, they have the opportunity to have tutoring. Some schools offer special support classes in the afternoon, but there are also a number of tutoring organisations in Wolfsburg.
Tip: ask the teacher at your school if they can perhaps recommend anyone, or if there is a special tutoring programme at the school.

Studienkreis Wolfsburg
Petra Jahnke-Ratz
Poststraße 1 (in Europahaus)
38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49)5361/6093600 (Mo-Sa 8-20 Uhr)

Porschestr. 60
38440 Wolfsburg
Telephone: (+49)5361/19418

ABACUS Nachhilfeinstitut
Lars Rabeler
Telephone: (+49)5361/7009440

School transport

Under certain circumstances, pupils may use public transport for free. You can obtain further information about this from the school or the ‘Wolfsburg Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH’ (WVG) (Wolfsburg Transport Services).