Public Life & Tips


Whether we are on holiday or moving to a new country all of us feel more at ease when we know how money works in a foreign country and have familiarized ourselves with the new currency.  And if we don’t automatically convert what a litre of milk costs at the supermarket anymore then surely we are feeling a little more at home in Wolfsburg. continue reading

Your Mobility

When you move to a new city in a foreign country the first thing you want to do is to discover, experience and enjoy it. It’s a great help therefore if you are able to orientate yourself quickly as far as infrastructure and opportunities are concerned and be able to move freely from one place to another. continue reading


The health system varies from country to country. Here too. We cannot give you details regarding all eventualities but we can give you an important first overview and some general information. continue reading

Shopping & Prices

Even though you are in completely new surroundings and there are many differences between your country of origin and Wolfsburg, life goes on and the practicalities of life won’t wait. continue reading

Day to day life in Germany

After what must have been a busy time preparing to move from one country to another you have finally arrived in Wolfsburg. continue reading

Intercultural offers

We really hope that you will be very happy here in Wolfsburg. But what do you need to be happy? We have talked to people in the same situation as you as to which issues they feel are important. continue reading