Seminar “Wolfsburg for Beginners”

An intercultural offer by the Volkshochschule for people from abroad

The goal of the three-day seminar is not only to acquaint you with the culture and day-to-day life in your host country but to help you feel at home in Wolfsburg.

You will be given many useful tips about life in and around Wolfsburg e.g. how to arrange a meeting, how to go shopping at the supermarket or the bakers, how to make small talk with your neighbours and how to avoid possible cultural misunderstandings. These and many more useful suggestions, as well as tours to some of the well-known places in Wolfsburg (e.g. the city hall, the shopping mall, phæno etc), are shared with you by a native speaker who has lived in Wolfsburg for a long time. Together we will swap experiences and answer questions. Find out about Wolfsburg and understand why we think it’s so good to live here!

3 days / 9 teaching hours: € 35.00 plus entry fees

Volkshochschule Wolfsburg
Hugo-Junkers-Weg 5
38440 Wolfsburg

Further information:
Annika Wolter
Tel.: +49 5361-8912904