Driving in ice and snow

You’re from Mexico or Argentina or from another warm country – and have come to work in Wolfsburg. Naturally you’d like to use a car to travel from home to work and to explore your new surroundings. What you may not have bargained for is the cold Northern German winter which brings with it ice, snow and wind – perhaps a totally new driving experience. Maybe you feel a little uncertain when your wheels start spinning, the windscreen wipers are running at top speed and you can hardly see what’s happening in the traffic around you… Don’t worry; you really can drive in these weather conditions. If you take it carefully, know a few tricks and understand good driving practice you will – no matter what age or nationality you are – manage it. All you need is some courage!

The driving practice and tricks can be learnt during lessons called “Driving in ice and snow“ – a new offer at Werner‘s Fahrschule. This training is particularly useful in weather conditions such as ice, snow, mist and fog. In addition lessons include the relevant German traffic regulations which may differ from the ones you know from home e.g. one-way streets, stop signs, right-before-left rule.

10 Driving lessons in the city plus one on the autobahn – with a focus on getting on and off the autobahn and filtering into traffic – cost Euro 450,00. This includes insurance and an administration fee. As a bonus the Fahrschul-Card is free. This card is activated when you type a registration number into the internet and, in turn, this will give you access to questions you might have regarding the theoretical driver’s license (all languages). Also included is an app, numerous illustrations and a comprehensive test.

Werner‘s Fahrschule is always ready to offer expert help and personal consultation to all Wobpatriates. Questions pertaining to the topic of “Driver’s license” and “Driving in Germany” will be answered with due consideration. Most WOBpatriates are allowed to drive using their current driver’s license for up to 6 months in Germany. The validity of the driver’s license is adjudged according to the driver’s nationality. Depending on the length of time you are planning to live in Wolfsburg, and which country you come from, Werner’s Fahrschule will give you individual advice about what you need to know and which Driving License Regulations you need to take into consideration.