Language Exchange Meet-Up

20140924_Logo Enjoy Wolfsburg NEUDo you speak Spanish and have just arrived in Wolfsburg? Maybe you speak Chinese and English and have already been in Wolfsburg for over a year? Or perhaps you speak Italian and German and were born in Wolfsburg, have Italian citizenship and are a multi-cultural household?

If you fall into any of these categories you will be happy to know that there is a fantastic offer for you in Wolfsburg: “Language Exchange Meet-Up” is an event for people from abroad. The idea came from Nicole Rundo, who has just completed her Masters in Intercultural Communication.  You can expect an entertaining and enjoyable evening in the company of many other people from abroad – in October 2013 about 70 people attended the event.  Please feel free to join us and find out if there is someone here who comes from the same country as you…

Once every four weeks people of every age from all over the world meet in one of Wolfsburg`s pubs to chat and have a good time together. One of the people you will always find at these gatherings is Patrizio Stazzone, a typical second generation Italian who was born in Wolfsburg. He is a professional hairdresser, studying business administration and is a passionate photographer. He is also equally at home in the Sicilian village his parents and grandparents came from because this is where Patrizio spent all his holidays. Funnily enough Alcara li Fusi is also Nicole Rundo’s former home but she got to know Patrizio in Wolfsburg. These two now know about their common roots and together they organize the “Language Exchange Meet-Up” and are delighted about its success.

You will find more information on the facebook page “Enjoy Wolfsburg”: