Wolfsburg and its coat of arms

wob_wappenWolfsburg received its coat of arms along with its name, which is why the name of the city can be clearly seen on it: a wolf standing atop a castle.
The castle does not represent one building in particular; rather it is symbolic of the term “castle”, acting as a reminder of Wolfsburg Castle. The waves below the castle represent the Aller, the river that runs through Wolfsburg.
The coat of arms is a sign of sovereignty and may only be used on certain documents or materials after being granted approval from the City.
In addition to the city coat of arms, each district and quarter has its own coat of arms.
Source: City archives

WOB_Logo_042014Wolfsburg’s emblem is a wolf standing on a foundation, with the word “Wolfsburg”. It forms part of the city’s unified appearance and is an ambassador of the city, appearing on all communication media: from the website, via official letter paper, right the way through to advertisements in the daily paper. The city slogan, “Beeindruckend jung” (“Impressively young”) can be seen alongside the wolf and emphasises the young history of the city, and the huge development that has taken place in the last few decades.
Quelle: WMG Wolfsburg